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10 reasons to try a BuckYou HY.PE Saddle.

  The first reason is they are INSANELY comfy for you and your horse. Many horses have experienced pain at worst discomfort at best from normal saddles, BuckYou HY.PE saddles don’t look, smell or feel like a regular saddle which helps your horse stop worrying that this thing is like the other and it’s going…

The BuckYou HY.PE- Hybrid Pad Experience.

What is the BuckYou HY.PE? The BuckYou HY.PE is the latest and greatest incarnation of the BuckYou bareback pad. It is the Hybrid Pad experience, not quite a treeless saddle, but more than even a very nice bareback pad. The BuckYou HY.PE has a structure which offers support to the rider but does not interfere…

BuckYou loves Vivendi Apparel

Hey all, hope you are all safe and healthy and able to hang with your horsies as the apocalypse hits!   Being stuck in and bummed out, I decided to do something about being bummed out. I mean, I was literally bum-out, my old jods had many. many holes in, er, intimate areas! We are…

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