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Here are some people, products, services and general stuff that I love and think are well worth sharing.

Most are equine related, some are other animal related, others are just ridiculously talented people who I want to tell you about.

Horse Charming

Science-based, force free, education and training for people and horses


Vikki Fear- Equine Podiatrist

Equine Podiatry is holistic hoof care. It is not just about trimming the hoof, but about considering the whole horse, its diet, environment and workload. It is so much more than just barefoot trimming.


Emma McClean Science based Dog trainer

Emma Mclean is a Force Free Horse Trainer and coach (and my friend!).
She also offers force free training for dogs. This can be done in 1-2-1 sessions locally in Essex, UK or globally via video.
Emma has Pet Professionals Guild Acreditation as a multiple species Force Free Trainer and specialises in consent training.


Urban Horse

Bringing A Natural Balance Back To Horse And Rider. (where I get my scoots boots and a alt horse business near me!)



An excellent resource for all kinds of supplements and herbal supplies for whatever ails your horse. Super helpful and knowledgeable, so don’t hesitate to contact theem for advice.