Happy Bucker Sarah

Sarah is a committed BuckYou Bucker. She and her horse are FULLY LOADED with BuckYou bareback pads and sidepull bridles.

Sarah has this to say:

Best thing I’ve done for both of us was get a buckyou pad. I am registered disabled, and the pad is strengthening my core and has had beneficial effects on my joint and back issues as a result.

I do use a gel pad underneath and had to have a play about with different girths. We mainly just hack out in it and it is so comfy.

My horse had stress issues about saddles and being ridden due to ulcers and a badly fitting saddle in a former home, not any more! He loves this pad and can use his large shoulders freely and is a different boy completely to when I first got him.

This boy was a confirmed bolter and we’ve been muddling through together and apart from the one incident where he decided to do a flying leap over a log unexpectedly, I’ve not fallen off and he’s not bolted.

In fact the only thing I have to do now to get him to stop is put my hand around to the treat pouch on the bareback pad and tear the Velcro – just the sound of that alone gives me the perfect dressage square halt every bloody time!