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Black BuckYou logo Treat Pouch for Riding- Click n’ride!

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I have been using this style of treat pouch when riding (and when not riding) for years now as I find them very, very natural and convenient to use when sitting in a bareback pad.

SO I got them with my awesome patches on!

Normal bumbags tend to be in a slightly tricky location when seated- and wearing one when you are wearing a body protector? serious PITA!

These attach round your waist and also round your thigh, keeping the treats at a very handy hand level, below coats in cold weather, and easily accessible when ridingh and due to the location of the pouch, no hassle wiht your body protector either.

They have a compartment which will carry approx 5 coffee mugs of treats (that’s how i measure them out :-D) a large, flat, back compartment to keep your phone safe and dry, and 3 smaller compartments for keys, lip balm, anything else you might want to carry with you.

If you are feeling really hardcore, you can also double-bag it, and have one bag on each thigh. In my head, it looks super cool and kinda Lara Croft-esqe. Do not tell me otherwise!

Bag length and width about 32 x 25cm Pouch length and width about 18x 12cm Waist strap : 90 cm

(adjustable) Leg strap : 50 cm (adjustable)


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