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Bareback pads, bitless bridles, clicker trainer gloves, hoodies and tees proclaiming your bitless, barefoot and force free status- everything for the Force Free equestrian!


(only affects pre-order items)

I had very much hoped my HUGE new stock order would reach me in the predicted time- but sadly, covid has grown worse not better worldwide and although the factory did an AMAZING job getting the order completed in schedule, I am having massive problems with freight shipping. As it stands, it looks like the stock will currently be delayed by 2-4 weeks. It was originally expected early to mid october, realistically, it now looks like mid oct to early november.

I can’t tell you how crushingly disappointing this is for me. I’m trying to create a unique business and this past year has been massively disruptive and difficult. 


My thanks to my amazing customers though, I have been clear that covid delays were likely on the new stock, and you have all supported me and been wonderful. We WILL get through this, and we WILL get the new stock.

I will update all customers when more information is available, and if anyone has any questions, feel free to contact me

Stay safe and well, Vikki & the BuckYou horses

Free UK shipping and I ship everything WORLDWIDE!

Shipping costs overseas can be combined, just add them all to your basket and I will refund the difference when I ship. 

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