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Featured Product: Buckyou Fully adjustable, damned sexy, bitless sidepull vegan bridle!

I spent a long time working out a lot of details on these bridles, so i’m going to go through it all with you now so you appreciate my genius and maybe treat yourself to one as well!



These bridles retail for… with reins… wait for it… £54.99. Yes, just £54.99. Amazing, right? Do you want to know why they are so cheap when compared with other bridles? Because I wanted to create a product that was pretty, functional and above all- so affordable, that people were tempted to give bitless a go because the bridle looks so great and it’s not going to break the bank!

It’s like a gateway drug…  A gateway bridle to a new way of thinking. My hope is that people will see it and love how it looks so much they are willing to risk the money to give bitless a go. If bitless bridles are affordable, attractive and easily available I think people will give them a go. Then once they realise they don’t need a bit and their horse seems happier as a result, my hope is this will lead them to re-assess other ways in which their horses are kept, ridden and handled and start to question the status quo in favour of what is best for their horse over ‘how we’ve always done it’.


The look

They are just gorgeous, right? Who doesn’t love a pretty bridle? The distinctive style and bright colours are not at all traditional, and why should they be? Wave your freak flag proudly, my pony hugging compadres!

Again, this is part of my evil plan to lure people in to give bitless a go…

They come in 5 different colour combinations: red and blue, pink and blue, black and purple, black and silver and dark blue and light blue.

They have a super cute tassel on the browband and the reins match the colours. The beta bio is black on all of the bridles .




No denying, they look fabulous on!








The materials

These bridles are made from beta biothane (coated webbing) and paracord. They are fully vegan and  don’t need the care that leather tack requires.  Plus, no animals died to make them. They are also never going to rot, be stiff when it’s cold, need to be cleaned or oiled etc. Obviously, you can clean them if you want to though! Biothane is very, very strong and it doesn’t stretch or rot like leather. It’s also waterproof and wipe clean!


The brow band

The brow band is very stylish, as well as looking fabulous and helping to brush off flies, it also has another function… It allows you to adjust the width of the browband to create the perfect fit. By extending the length of the ‘V’ on the browband, you make it narrower. If you shorten the ‘V’, you can make it wider! How clever is that?


The Jowl Strap

The jowl straps is a very, very useful feature on a sidepull bridle. I like to have my bridles loose to enable comfortable grazing and eating of treats. By having jowl straps, we can ensure we can have the nose band super loose and not worry about the bridle being pulled into our horses eyes or moving around uncomfortabley on their head. Another feature is that the jowl strap isn’t fixed in one place… Jango had a sarcoid on his face a few years ago. We couldn’t use his normal bridle then as the jowl strap went right over where his sarcoid was. With this bridle, that’s not an issue! The strap can be move higher or lower to suit, and there is space to add more holes to it to increase/decrease the size if needed. 

The chin strap also has loads of space to be made bigger or smaller.




















The cheek pieces

Now this is really clever… It has come to my attention that horses heads are RARELY standard in size! Cato is about 15.3 and wears a cob bridle but he can fit pony bridles on the smallest settings, he has a very dinky head for his size. Sparti has a very broad but very short head. Many horses have odd combinations of long faces/small muzzles/wide brows/short heads/big muzzles- the combinations are endless!

What is very cool with these bridles is that you can easily adjust the cheek pieces to the absolute PERFECT length for your horse. If it’s still too long on the shortest setting but fits perfectly everywhere else, don’t despair, we have a solution!

The cheek pieces attach to rings on the noseband with a fold over and a chicago screw. Simply undo the screw (I find a butter knife works best) shorten the cheek pieces from the bottom, use an awl or similar tool to create a new hole and re-fasten the screw. A matter of minutes and you have a tidily adjusted bridle which now perfectly fits your wonky-headed unicorn in every way!

















So there you have it; beautiful bridles that are inexpensive and can be adjusted to fit your horse PERFECTLY! sizes range from extra small to full, and you can micro-adjust to perfection until you have a stunning bitless bridle that fits beautifully for an astonishingly low price!  🙂 Send in pictures please!


  • BellaUK

    October 27, 2019 at 10:48 pm

    WOW, this really is an awesome bridle. I had no idea how adjustable it is, so often bridles don’t fit quite right. With this bridle, it is so easy to make it a perfect fit no matter what shape or size your horse or ponies head is. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT.