Christmas…. am I right??

Hello and Happy Holidays to you all.

I hope you are all good. Not gonna lie, the last few weeks have been hellish for me.

My xmas stock was meant to arrive at the start of December so I could get pictures on my lovely models, get it online, get it sold and out to you lovely people in plenty of time for Christmas.

My plan was to reinvest in different bareback pads and awesome numnahs with adjustable shims for use under the pads (I get asked if I sell pads suitable for use under the bareback pads quite a lot).

Sadly, it looks like this plan will take a bit longer than I hoped.

As I write this, 10.30pm on the 22nd of December, 2 boxes of stock are yet to land with me. I am praying to the Great Pony that they arrive before we leave to go visit family tomorrow, as if they do, I can get a few quick pictures to show you guys, and maybe part you from your Xmas ca$h with pretty pictures of bitless bridles that could be yours in the new year!

My customers have been amazing, Truly, I almost wish you were rude and obnoxious as when you are all so nice and understanding and friendly, it makes me feel even worse that your orders have been delayed. That said, please don’t send me grumpy messages, I’m super fragile right now, I haven’t slept in days, I WILL cry.

The majority of my stock arrived on Friday just gone, so I packed like a Packing Demon and we rushed to the nearest DPD depot (as I was informed that taking packages straight to the depot reduces delivery time). That’s a 60 odd mile round trip, #dedication.


So, I am REALLY looking forwards to the rest of my stock arriving tomorrow morning (please oh Great ponio!) snapping some snaps with the boys and chilling out and eating myself into a food coma for a few days.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and BuckYou, my first ‘official’ Christmas hasn’t gone to plan, but you live and learn, and hopefully,this will all be behind me in a few days.

Now, here are some pictures of the stock I got in ESPECIALLY for my first official Xmas. *sigh* Hope you like!