Happy Buckers Kate and Bindi- Their Story. – BuckYou Bareback HY.PE

Happy Buckers Kate and Bindi- Their Story.


Kate purchased a BuckYou Iberian style bareback pad in an attempt to keep both her horse and her family happy…. Did it work?? Well, obviously, yes. The pads are awesome, but lets read the full story.

Chill and eat.

It has been many long hours of trial and error over the past couple of years with my gorgeous little mare but I finally think we have found the perfect match in this bareback pad.

When I first brought my Bindi home I never would have guessed how complex our partnership would become. She hated any saddle and would bite and tense every time one was placed on her back. It turned out her old owner had ridden her in a saddle that didn’t fit and a girth that pinched her creating girth sores. She had also never had her teeth done (8 years old) so was very sensitive to pressure. Eventually I found a western saddle which she put up with but she still wasn’t enjoying our rides together. She was becoming dangerous and my parents wanted me to sell her. So I decided to start her all over again and after a four month break I started riding again bareback. Although she was very happy my parents didn’t approve at all saying that it was either saddle or no horse. It also limited my ability to trail ride with her because I wasn’t allowed to leave the Paddock. I must have looked at dozens of bareback pads before I found the BuckYou bareback pad and it really is perfect. I’ve never felt my gorgeous mare so happy before and everytime I took her to where she gets untracked she would turn around and trot off. As if to say ‘no I’m having so much fun’ She had never been so willing before and I was completely over the moon. Thank you so much for allowing me to have the partnership that I have always wanted with my baby girl!!

Beautiful and happy Bindi