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Happy Bucker Mackenzie

  A rather lovely story from Happy Bucker Mackenzie: I first started out on the search for gentler horsemanship methods with my first horse Glory. Having quite an interesting relationship, falling off in a pretty regular basis and a whole host of other things, someone reached out to me and gave me quite a bit…

Teaching movements with Positive Reinforcement

OH MY FREAKIN’ GAAAAWD! I can’t believe i managed to embed a VIDEO in a BLOG! I feel like I invented the internet or something now. I’m going to be going around offering to make websites for people with my newfound, amazing skills!   Ok, enough of that. Today I  started teaching Cato to do…

Happy Bucker Sarah

Sarah is a committed BuckYou Bucker. She and her horse are FULLY LOADED with BuckYou bareback pads and sidepull bridles. Sarah has this to say: Best thing I’ve done for both of us was get a buckyou pad. I am registered disabled, and the pad is strengthening my core and has had beneficial effects on…