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BuckYou loves Vivendi Apparel

Hey all, hope you are all safe and healthy and able to hang with your horsies as the apocalypse hits!


Being stuck in and bummed out, I decided to do something about being bummed out. I mean, I was literally bum-out, my old jods had many. many holes in, er, intimate areas! We are getting more people walking up near us as part of their daily government sanctioned exercise, so I figured I should do something about it before I got done for indecency.


I’d seen these rather lovely looking riding tights on my mate Farah (Hi Farah!) and she was always banging on about how great they were so I thought I’d give them a go.


And… I really, really love them.

They are super comfy, they look fantastic, they have just enough grip to keep you stable on a bareback pony bombing downhill but not enough that you have to peel yourself off, they don’t ride up or down or anywhere they shouldn’t (no more checking for walkers before adjusting wedgies!)  I got the thermal active riding tights as it tends to be a bit cool up where we are, we’ve actually had some really nice weather, I haven’t over-heated due to the breathability of the material.

No zips or buttons to stick in anywhere when i lean forwards to feed either, and I can boing up onto the horses as freely as if I was  naked!


Honestly, I haven’t taken them off since I got them and I will be getting more.


Vivendi can’t keep up with order at the moment- I know that feeling with my bareback pads 😀 They have new stock arriving in June, but you can order from may 1st at a special pre-order price,  I strongly advise you to do it!

They also have over 30 new items arriving this summer, and i genuinely am excited to see what they have.


Go on and take a look, tell them BuckYou sent you!