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Bark You- We do dogs too!

At BuckYou we love and care about all animals, and we support and encourage force free handling and training for all of them! There is no need to ‘alpha roll’ (vomit) your dog, pretend to eat their food before they do, (gag) and they won’t take over the house and have full control of the…

Cato- The Original BuckYou pony.

Cato landed on Halloween 2014. He was supposedly a lightly back, rising 5 connemara gelding about 15h. He was actually JUST 4, we strongly believe he was hunted as a 3 year old, he had damage to his back, he was terrified of humans, he was hard to catch, he would hold his breath and…

What is Horse Charming?

As new-age as it might sound, Horse Charming is simply the way we like to describe the practice of keeping, managing, caring for and training horses using the latest that science can tell us about what makes a horse a horse, why horses do what they do, and how they learn. Those sciences include: Psychology –…

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