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NEW! Vegan leather & microsuede Iberian BuckYou HY.PE saddle in brown


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It became apparent that there was a demand for leather-look HY.PE saddles, so here we have them!

Coming very soon, I will have the Classic Charm bitless bridle in faux leather as well.

The seat is made from microsuede which is soft, warm and grippy, and the base is faux leather, both are durable and wipe clean.

Currently in stock to ship right away- grab them before they sell out!

This is the newest incarnation of the BuckYou bareback pad. It has all the features of the original pad, but it has been improved to make it safe, comfier, more secure and just better.

The new pads will come with faux fleece covered foam pads which coordinate with the pad and attach on either side of the spine using velcro.

If you own an earlier pad- don’t worry, It is possible to buy the specially designed shims and add them to you pad here

You can widen the spinal gap, make it narrower, or remove it entirely.

The shims add soft spinal clearance, and also give the pads even more stability with minimal added bulk and no loss to the ‘feel’ that the pads are known for.

So even more safety, comfort and security for you and your horse!

It also reduces the overall expense and fuss- as for many riders, this removes the need to buy an additional pressure pad to use under your bareback pad.

It is a good idea for anyone who rides more intensively to also use a pressure pad to really create as much pressure reduction and comfort as possible without sacrificing the lightness and feel provided by your buckyou pad. I now stock several types of gel-eze pad which are very good for use under my BuckYou pads. You can see them in the horseware section of my shop here

I also still advise against using the stirrups as you would in a normal saddle, although you can have them attached if you are a light rider and do no rely on the stirrups for constant balance or resting your weight while riding.

These shims improve the protection to your horses back and spine, but they do not make the pad into a saddle, so please remember that when riding

This is for an all black pad, Comes with brown stirrups and girth.

Please visit my blog for full FAQ, info, pictures and more!

The pad is made from fully synthetic materials, vegan and easy to care for!

It can be wiped over with a damp cloth, chucked in the shower- or just brush mud off when it dries.

The pad measures about 21″ in length (spine length, not normal saddle measurements) so suitable for all but the smallest equines.

The pad gives you the feel of bareback- but with padding for you and your horse making it much more comfortable for you both- and offers te secure seat of a saddle with foam rubber pommel and cantle.

These do not bear any weight or pressure on your horse at all, but just create a very secure place for the rider. The best of both worlds!

Perfect for young horses, horses coming back into work, people (like me and my horses) who just don’t like the weight and separation a normal saddle creates!

The saddle uses any dressage type girth but does come with one.

A note on the stirrups- I have a pretty balanced seat due to lots of riding bareback and without stirrups. If you are confident in your seat so you don’t NEED stirrups, then using them just as an aid to balance is ok. If you are an unbalanced or novice rider, then i would recommend you use the pad without the stirrups until you gain a balanced seat so don’t rely on stirrups for balance.

There is more info on how to safely use and care for these pads at my Frequently Asked Questions page

Please ask any questions you might have prior to purchase 🙂

Please note- the gallery picture showing shims are taken from prototype pads- so you can ignore the camo print- but that version IS available to buy in store!

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