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Bitless baroque Portuguese bridle, sidepull or crossunder with reins BLACK




Black or dark brown leather with beautiful blue and silver crystal detail, shaped cheek pieces and a wide, padded nose band to gently disperse any pressure. Looks great, feels great for the horse!

This listing is for the bridle in black, you can see the brown in the pictures, please see my other listings to buy in brown, Pictures show both colours including side by side so you cash see how dark the brown is.

This bridle can be used as a sidepull, or you can use the included straps to convert it to a crossunder bridle. It doesn’t work with bits! We are a bit-free zone!

The reins are split western style, and also have crystal detail.

This really is a beautiful item, and will look incredible on any horse.
These appear very true to size fitting. Cato usually fits cob on the smaller settings and that is true for this bridle.

Additional information


cob, extra full/warmblood, Full Horse, Pony, small pony


    • Vikki

      July 24, 2020 at 2:19 pm

      Ho Louise, I have messaged you on FB as well. I would go for a cob size, these bridles can be made bigger very easily but smaller is harder. I do sell extender straps, so i would advise getting a cob size, and if it needed making bigger in the chin, then ordering some straps. My shipping is free in the UK so won’t cost any more to make 2 orders 🙂 That lovely coblet is a customers horse, I’m afraid I don’t know how big she is. I’ve also sent you a discount code for it you buy 2 😉


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