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Under Pressure

UNDER PRESSURE Pressure…. we all experience it, horses pressure each other, there is pressure no matter how gently we ride, there is pressure when we sit on our horses, when we use reins, right? BIG FAT WRONG. This is a very quick blog to explain: The difference between PRESSURE and TOUCH Why you DON’T need…

Happy Bucker Sarah

Sarah is a committed BuckYou Bucker. She and her horse are FULLY LOADED with BuckYou bareback pads and sidepull bridles. Sarah has this to say: Best thing I’ve done for both of us was get a buckyou pad. I am registered disabled, and the pad is strengthening my core and has had beneficial effects on…

Jango- The Kissy Prince of the Fells

Jango is a 13.2 welsh section C pony. He is also Gorgeous. Pretty. Handsome. Beautiful. Stunning. Cuuuuuuuute! He’s also very affectionate and his favourite thing is to kiss his human friends. It doesn’t take long to become friends with Jango either, but his best friends get kissed A LOT. Jango arrived in march 2015, I…

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